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our Amino CBD oil features

Our CBD supplemented with amino acids is a premium product. Here's why!

In addition to containing powerful amino acids, this amino CBD supplement is produced from CBD crystal isolate with a purity of more than 99%. This means that ULU products are among the purest and most concentrated that you can buy. We want to make sure that our customers benefit most completely from the holistic qualities of CBD in all its different forms.

CBD is a source of natural protein as it is derived from hemp plants. The primary use of protein in the human body is to repair and maintain muscle tissues, helping you to recover more quickly from exercise and injuries. Protein is made up of amino acid chains. So, you can boost your protein intake by consuming this amino CBD supplement oil with amino acids!

All of our ULU CBD range including these amino supplements are Certified Organic. The extracts that we use come from pesticide-free and herbicide-free cultivation, allowing us to help do our bit for the planet, and – most importantly – ensure that the CBD oil we get for you is as natural and organic as it can be. Why would you put anything into the mix that isn’t natural? We don’t see the point – so we don’t.

What are amino CBD oils ?


Amino acids are the building blocks of life. They are organic compounds that form proteins in the body, and their benefits are endless. These compounds assist you in building muscle, tissue and cells and affect nearly all of your physiological processes.


Amino acids play a vital role in your health and wellbeing because of the essential nutrients they create to keep you alive. As well as being the building blocks, they also help to keep your body functioning. When you add these powerful properties, to the benefits of CBD oil, the outcome is a complete support for your wellness.



What Are Amino acids ?

Amino Acids are the fundamental building blocks for proteins. Amino Acids build muscles, tissues and cells and play a significant role in almost every physiological process. They also help the body to produce essential forms of protein – creating essential nutrients for humans to stay alive and remain healthy.


Apart from functioning as a building block, amino acids help keep organs functioning properly as well as keeping tendons, muscles, bones, skin, and hair healthy. The acids also help to remove the waste by-products of metabolism.


There are nine essential and four non-essential amino acids. The body produces the non-essential amino acids on its own. However, the human body does not manufacture the essential amino acids itself. So, these have to be obtained from external protein sources, like meat, eggs, fish, or via supplements.

And that’s exactly why we’ve created this CBD Amino Oil. Our powerful combination of amino acids with full spectrum 10% CBD replenishes the body’s amino acid levels, boosts your protein intake, and supports you to live a healthy, active lifestyle.


What causes Amino Acid Deficiency?

Amino acid levels get depleted in the human body, mainly due to bad lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. These habits disable the body from extracting the full nutritional values from the food they take. Amino acid deficiency impacts health negatively. The deficiency is harmful to the nervous, immune, digestive, and reproductive systems of the human body.


Also, environmental factors play a major role in creating an amino acid deficiency in the human body. Factors, like smoke and pollution from burning fossil fuels and the negative impacts of the modern agricultural practices. This includes administering hormones to livestock and extensive use of fertilizers in cultivation. All of these things are responsible for lowering the amino acid levels in the human body.

As well as eating protein-rich food, you can also take CBD amino supplements to overcome the deficiency and build up good amino acid levels in your body!


What is the Amino Acid Pool?

Amino acid pool refers to the total amount of free amino acids available in your human body. Essentially, the amino acid pool in the human body influences a process called biosynthesis. This means that it breaks down amino acid from food and restructures it into new forms of protein.


With the help of the new protein forms, the body strengthens connective tissues, forms cartilages, maintains cardiovascular health, improves immunity, produces fat-burning hormones, and so on.

As new proteins constantly form due to the biosynthesis process from the amino acid pool, you need to top up your body’s amino acids either through diet or supplements. And our ULU CBD oil supplemented with amino acids is designed to do just that!


If your body’s supply of any of the amino acids gets too low, then your production of protein decreases. And this negatively impacts your metabolism. This can also lead to serious health issues, like hair loss, weight increase, sleep disruption, arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular imbalance, among others.

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