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Hi, I'm Paul - or 'Pablo' as my friends call me! I run ULU and have been a passionate CBD user for many years after seeing its benefits during my time in the USA. I get asked a lot of questions about my own CBD use, as well as some more general questions about its effects. So, here is my own CBD user experience of using CBD for arthritis.


CBD for arthritis

My poor right leg took a beating during my rugby playing years, and whilst multiple anterior cruciate ligament rebuilds have assisted, the joint itself was suffering more and more from arthritic pain. I am no expert on arthritis - far from it. However, I know it is an inflammation based issue and with all of my travel, it was getting worse.

I had already seen the positive benefits of CBD for stress and wellbeing. I also knew that many people across the UK and the USA use CBD for pain. So, I decided to try taking CBD for arthritis - to see if it would help, especially with arthritic pain.


 Can you feel it ?


The question I get asked most is, 'when will I start to feel the effects of CBD use?' The answer is, rather unsurprisingly, I don’t know.




Why not? Well, everyone is different - everyone feels things differently. Also, CBD takes time to build up in your system. Some think it will be an instant hit, that you will experience a direct CBD impact after taking a dose.




For me it was not like that. I started by taking a 10% CBD dose on a daily basis. I started with 3 drops a time, three times a day. After two weeks I felt a very notable impact with the arthritis I have in my right knee.  My CBD user experience proved to reduce the pain and soreness in my knee which really surprised me, as all of the medical advice I had received suggested I would need a knee replacement in the next few years.




I am now using a ULU 25% CBD oil concentration. This seemed to work best for me, and I increased the strength after a couple of months. I feel I am now at the right level to provide the pain relief I seek. I was (and still am) amazed at the pain management and restorative benefits of CBD for arthritis and arthritic pain.








Does it really work ?


This is the next question I get, and is one I can easily answer from my own CBD user experience.




Unfortunately, there are currently still travel restrictions surrounding CBD oils. This is because CBD is still in a confused state of control, being bundled together with THC products (the ones that get you high.) As a result of this, I have had to stop taking CBD on journeys. When this happens, I do not notice an instant change, but after 2 or 3 days, I notice a significant difference. During these times, I wake up in the mornings to the familiar dull ache inside my knee, and a return of my arthritic pain.




Because of this, I am certain of the positive impact of taking regular CBD for arthritis. It is so frustrating. But it did serve to prove to myself I was not inventing the benefit, it was a real effect.








Beyond my CBD user experience


So the final question I get is related to how and why others use CBD. Well in this area there is a lot of scope.




I know of people that use it to bring a level of calm to their lives, and use CBD for mental health and wellness reasons. Other CBD users look for general relaxation. Many CBD consumers find a topical skin product that works best for them.




There is no denying much is still to be learnt about cannabidiol (CBD), and we intend to use this site to bring you more and more news and insights as we become aware of them. We also encourage individuals to send us their personal CBD experiences so we can continue to educate and inspire others.




Paul Hembery





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